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Your Own Face on A Face Mask


Can’t make it to Preston Market for us to print on for you? or Too embarrassed for us to photograph you at the shop and make the mask?
Then just buy one here online

It’s really simple,
1) Take a selfie of your own head Just like you would for a Passport photo and upload it. The better quality the photo the better the print,
Don’t worry about getting the size of the mouth right, we just need a picture of your whole head and we will crop it to size for you.

2) that’s it just checkout and we will do everything else for you!

One Size fits all
2 ply 100% Polyester
Washable & Reusable Face Covering
Printable area is approx 18cm x 12cm

After it was announced that face coverings were mandatory in all shops, the children in our family were a bit worried so Michelle & Pete decided to try and add a bit of humour to the “new normal” We Print these masks in our Preston Market stall while you wait, but if you don’t want to come into town this is an ideal way to get one made.

They are guaranteed to make the trip to the shops a MUCH more enjoyable experience!



Create your own Personalised Printed Face Covering Upload you image and we will print you a custom face covering.


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